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BIKE DESIGNERS MEETING vol.1: Combined Owners Meeting

We had a combined owners meeting on July 19th (Mon) in 2004. Owners of bikes created by Shukuno-rintendo, Tartaruga, and Vikkino assembled together. At the time, Studiostudy didn't have commercial bikes, but many supporter came to the meeting. Each number of each product is only a few and we usually don't have a chance to meet another owner nor talk together. So we had really good time to talk about bikes, get the information, and so on. Thank you very much for coming to the party.
0-4 Drag Race again !
We had 0-4 Drag Race again. Bikedesigners joined and seriously competed.
For entry Start
Class for owners only
E The Bike must be designed by a member of Bikedesigners.
E The riders must own the bike. (Expect for trial bikes)

* Check photos and time records here.
It was the very unusual scene that many of rare bikes run the race in every a few minutes in turn. We excited to see riders in special costumes and a kid rider who is a famous rider's grandson. We could know how owners use and love their bikes. For example, we saw a bike had baggage on it and a bike which was shined by its owner.
Mr. Maeda won and nobody expected that he did. He wore the sandals on and rode on Beetrick BOB, which is very difficult to control. Congratulations! He got a special wind-bell colored by Kadowaki, chemicals for bike maintenance sponsored by Mizutani, and E.T. model BMX by Kuwahara as a prize. We are waiting for his challenge to Power assisted class with E.T. next time!
Best owner
Bikedesigners selected the favorite bikes and talked with their owners. Owners are also considered as designers at that time. In a short time, we had great and various talking such as Q& A, deep stories, and how they love their bike.
Ms. Ake got "Best Owner Prize", she was an owner of yellow Gaap and it fit her very much. Mr. Shoji got a special prize of Best Dresser. He was a big fun of Chiharu. Congratulations! They got special wind-bells colored by Kadowaki and chemicals for bike maintenance sponsored by Mizutani as a prize. Mr.Shoji also get a special yellow helmet made by Bikedesiners. See how good it fit on him. See the report of Chu-rin Compe.
Owners Party
In the evening we had an owners' party after the commendation ceremony. Bikedesigners and staffs worked very hard during a show, then we could have time to relax at this party. We had a good time to talk about bikes, this meeting, and various things.We had a Janken competition for a prize from sponsors, Kadowaki, Mizutani, and Kuwahara. Also bikedesigners supplied products and items for sales promotions and Mr. Asano, who is one of owners supplied rare Ghibli character items. Few owner got a prize which didn't fit but they felt very good. Anyway we had very good time.
We had a very long party until late at night. Some of us didn't want to finish the conversation and started the next endless night party. However, the owners party concluded. Thank you for coming to the owners meeting and party. To talk with owners of our products is the strong power and help for us, also it is the source of idea for our next steps. We will have this kind of meetings next time. Please come and join us and let's have fun!

special thanks !
Prize of E.T. BMX and else: Kuwahara Bikeworks
Prize of Chemicals for bike maintenance: Mizutani Bicycle
Prize of Wind-bell: Kadowaki Coating
Prize of Ghibli character items: Koichi Asano of Studio Ghibli
Photos: Nobuhiro Kobayashi, Shuji Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Inagaki
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